Mist Rolling in from the Trent

Football Philsophy


The football world has been moving on and we have been steadfastly refusing to see it.

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We can argue to and fro about individual actions that we agree or disagree with, but the fundamental problem at Forest is that every season is viewed as a one-off event occurring in isolation, when in fact they are part of a connected whole.

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This week Nottingham Forest signed up to the FA Football Leadership Diversity Code. Is this an opportunity to reflect on all aspects of recruitment at the club?

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Three Books

Defining the values behind the way I see and engage with football through the lens of three great football books.

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Kicking Shins

Getting to grips with the identity of our club, the Forest Way and it’s association with Nottingham as a city

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Mr Nottingham Forest – The Frank Clark Interview

Player, Manager, Chairman, Legend. This is Frank Clark. Keep listening to him.

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First Among Equals – The John Robertson Interview

There are 17 acknowledged “Miracle Men”, all of them equal heroes, but one of them first.

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This Girl Can!

Journalist and presenter Jacqui Oatley MBE has for many people been the face of women’s football in England. She kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to about how the game has developed in recent years and where it might be going.

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“Give it to Moore, he will score”

John Robertson calls him the greatest Nottingham Forest player. Ian Storey-Moore returns the compliment. Here he talks about his career player, coach and scout and reflects on the changes in football over that time.

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89 by Amy Lawrence

The conclusion to the 1988/89 First Division season was probably the most exciting of any in my lifetime and Amy Lawrence’s “in their own words” account of that game and the events that led to it was in its own way as thrilling as the final game itself.

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Who are we?

The coronavirus crisis has offered us a lot of opportunity to reflect. We have wondered whether there are better ways to work, better ways to live. Some of us continue to wonder whether there is a better way to do football and with the EFL, in particular, facing a need for radical reform maybe our moment has come.

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Stuff Yer VAR

The whole case for technology seems to be based on money. Excitement, passion and the live experience are all being sacrificed for the illusion of accuracy, even when that accuracy remains elusive and spurious.

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I went to the AGM of the Nottingham Forest Supporters’ Trust last night. I stepped down off the board because I just had too many other commitments all piling up … Continue reading

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In 1921 the Football Association banned women from playing football. During the First World War, women had stepped comfortably into many roles that had previously been inaccessible to them and … Continue reading

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